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Havilah Blasting and Painting, Inc. Formerly Precision Sandblasting Incorporated (PSI) is not just a service provider, with its more than 34 years of field experience, Havilah Blasting & Painting Incorporated makes valid its claims as the only surviving specialist in the expertise of Surface Preparation and Application of Special Purpose Coatings. Others may claim as plain service providers.

Understanding of Corrosion Mechanism and how corrosion destroys establishments and facilities (and profits) always makes us one step ahead. Other providers merely clean surfaces and apply specified materials (coatings) without really understanding how coatings function, coatings' sole purpose is to protect surfaces. Errors could be committed during the execution of jobs without the full knowledge and understanding of the purpose of its undertakings. This proves the difference between the work of the specialists and the work of the common service providers.



Havilah Blasting and Painting, Inc. was legally formed this 2018. We are formerly known as Precision Sandblasting Incorporated that was formed in 1983. The founder, Orly B. Araujo engaged the expertise of friends in order that the organization be formally represented as a legitimate corporation operating within the Philippines Laws. With the help of friends and a handful of skilled personnel, the friends group together their time and talent resources to form PRECISION SANDBLASTING INCORPORATED.

First project was the Coca Cola bottling plant in Marikina where we cleaned and lined 4 units of process water tanks. Since then, interval between jobs were long and PSI have to operate on a shoe string budget to survive. First major project was in Singapore in 1985 where PSI received a contrast to gritblast and paint panel pontoon bridge parts for Singapore’s Department of National Defense. The job took 8 months to complete.

In February of 1996, big jobs came (as well as small ones too) in the form of sandblasting and painting of Guadalupe bridge structures in Makati and Quezon bridge in Manila. PSI survived fairly well and transferred to its address at #41 Maryland Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Recession starting in year 2000 hat its toll in the company. Survival is incited by small jobs like servicing fuel truck tankers, an occasional job of internal lining of tanks for edible oil processing companies, sizeable jobs involving tanks of diameter of more than 30 ft. become very rare. However difficult the situation, PSI still survived until recession tapered off at the close of 2009.

Presently, PSI had improved financially with major projects in power plants, geothermal plants, brewery plants and occasional special jobs in cement plants and on almost all industries. The management of the company is still led by Orly B. Araujo, one of the founders. Precision Sandblasting, Inc. The office had now moved to its present address, #26 Don Alfredo Egea St. Brgy. Pinagkaisahan, Cubao, Q.C.


  • Precision Sandblasting Incorporated undertakes to serve diverse clientele from fuel oil storage facilities to shipping, chemical & petrochemical industries, food & beverage industries, pharmaceutical & cosmetics, construction, mining, waterworks & sewerage, roads and bridges. You name it, and Precision Sandblasting Incorporated has probably served the industry one way or another.

  • Precision Sandblasting Incorporated is a Philippine-based Sandblasting and Painting Contractor. We offer our services not only in the Philippines, but overseas as well. We blast and paint almost all structures may it be tanks, bridges, buildings, cargo ships, mobile tank trucks, and others you name it, we have serviced it one way or another. May it be made from steel, aluminum, concrete, glass, plastic or even wood, we have blasted it. But our expertise and specialization are in Tank Cleaning and Tank Lining jobs.

  • On Blasting jobs, we use almost all abrasives, may it be silica sand, steel grits, copper slags, aluminum oxide, garnet, steel shots, glass beads and even dried shreded corn. It depends on the surface to be blasted and the surface profile specification. On painting jobs, we may use airless spray equipment, conventional spray equipment or by manual means by brushes and rollers. This depends on the surface to be painted, if it is accessible and possible to paint with the aforesaid painting methods. These are some technical aspects that we take in consideration in every job we make. We do not just blast and paint, we do quality work for a reasonable and fair price. Thus making us the best in our field.

Why Choose Us

 What can we offer?

We offer the best Sandblasting and Painting service in the Philippines. We do our job meticulously and within the client's specifications. We have a complete line of Equipment for blasting and painting works that can be deployed on numerous projects simultaneously. We can mobilize immediately after issuance of work to us, wherever it may in the Philippines (takes longer overseas).

 What are our achievements?

We are proud to say that from the start and up until today, we have yet to have back jobs or complaints from our projects that had not been taken care of. All of our jobs are Inspected thoroughly not only by us, but also the client and by a third party representative. This inspection assures us with optimum quality and performance on all of our jobs. Also, up until today, we always attain Zero Accidents on all our projects. Rest assured that PSI is well equipped and knowledgeable in terms of Safety on not only our Personnel but on our surroundings as well.

 Why Choose US?

We are the BEST! This is why we are still up and running since 1983. It is because of our work quality and performance, our extensive inspection procedures, our meticulous and strict safety plans and our most cherished and irreplaceable personnel. All of which are professionals on their own respective positions. Our Project Engineers are Seniors at the field because they are with us from the beginning, with that amount of experience there are no problems on site they cannot solve. Also, our Core Engineers are SSPC (Steel Structures Painting Council) Certified. This is why you should choose us.